Position Royal Phuket Marina – a world-class marina with award-winning residences – as a destination: a destination for residents and visitors, and an iconic waterfront community on a par with anywhere in the world.


Infinity created the concept of #DestinationRPM and through a media launch targetting Phuket media, positioned Royal Phuket Marina as a destination and outlined their development and investment plans for the coming five years. The launch was followed by a series of media and non-media events and activities, all with the goal to reinforce the message of #DestinationRPM.


The initial #DestinationRPM media launch generated local, national and international media coverage in Thai and English, a 10:1 ROI. Exclusive Interviews with Royal Phuket Marina executives and Media Trips for national and international media delivered mass media coverage across all platforms and drove interest and visitors to the destination and its facilities.